Colorado Climate Center is Recruiting Volunteers


My name is Chris Spears, I am a meteorologist with the Colorado Climate Center. We are looking for precipitation monitors

in the Hampden Heights neighborhood of Denver to report to the CoCoRaHS network. (CoCoRaHS = Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network).

We currently have a few hundred active volunteers in the Denver metro who report to our network, but we have some major gaps

in the city and county of Denver. Observers make a daily observation (or as often as possible) and report the data to our website. The information plots in real-time to daily maps of the area.

Our website is if you would like to take a look!

I am happy to provide more information through email or by speaking to a group. I have a class in Cherry Creek this Thursday at Daniels Fund (630p)

if there is a way to share this message for anyone who would be interested in learning more. A full list of classes can be seen at the link below.

There is no cost to be involved with CoCoRaHS other than the purchase of our official rain gauge which is $30. There are many wonderful

educational aspects of being involved with us, including learning more about the water cycle and why we have the tagline “every drop counts!”

1″ of rain over 1 acre of land is over 27,000 gallons of water, so even on a summer afternoon when we receive just a few hundredths of precipitation,

if it fell over a large area, it’s still a TON of water from the sky!

I appreciate any help you might be willing to give in helping me recruit new observers!