Crime Prevention

Denver Police Department has recently joined and will be posting neighborhood crime statistics on a regular basis.  We encourage you to join nextdoor to stay updated on neighborhood events and information, as well as the most up to date crime statistics.

Crime News – You can help the neighborhood!

Scam Alert

There was a recent scam in a nearby neighborhood.  It involved one male approaching the homeowner about a service (this was tree trimming) while another male robs the home.  Please be vigilant.

The police surmise that 2 men are operating a scam where they sneak into the garage when the homeowner pulls in. The individuals then wait behind the vehicle until the garage door closes.  One person distracts the homeowner while the other man is inside robbing the homeowner.

Hampden Heights Park Vandalism 

We had reports of older kids climbing on the new shade structures in Hampden Heights Park.  If any one sees that behavior, call the police non-emergency number:  720-913-2000 to report this activity.

This was requested by our Parks Superintendent.  We don’t want damage done to these new structures and this is definitely vandalism.