The HHCA Board

The HHCA is a volutary non-profit board that meets once a month. The Board holds public neighborhood meetings twice per year, on the second Tuesday in May and November. The last bi-annual meeting was held in May 2017.

Board members are elected at the annual meeting in November and serve for a two-year term.

The Board holds regular meetings the first Tuesday of every month. In addition to elected positions, the Board has a number of committees, including:

  •  Membership
  • Crime
  • Pool
  • Hampden Heights Signage
  • Inner Neighborhood Committee
  • Newsletter & Website

If you are interested in serving on the Board or helping on a committee, or you would like to find other ways to support the neighborhood, please contact Ami Miller at


2018 Board Members

President:  Yaron Marcus

Vice President:  Victor Robertson

Treasurer: Sara Krauss

Secretary:  Shannon Schliep

Membership/Pool Committee: Kim McMahon

Crime/Parks & Rec: Halisi Vinson

for emergencies call Halisi at: 303-550-1247

Social Chair: Kimberly Forte

Community Outreach: Jennifer Becker

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