Hampden Heights is a proud member of Denver’s Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation.

Our temporary delegate, Halisi Vinson  regularly attends meetings.

From the Denver INC website: Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation’s mission is to advocate for Denver citizens by bringing together, informing and empowering Denver neighborhood organizations to actively engage in addressing city issues.

Denver INC (Inter Neighborhood Cooperation) is a voluntary, non-profit coalition of representatives from Denver’s registered neighborhood organizations (RNO’s), city agencies and others that gather to promote responsible city change and growth.

A current project is the Dollar Dictionary Drive: The goal of the annual drive is to place a free, age-appropriate dictionary and thesaurus into the hands of some 6,000 third grade students enrolled in the Denver Public School system.

For more information or to donate, please visit http://www.denverinc.org/1-dictionary-drive/